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Megax’s Favorite Characters: #1 Koizumi Itsuki


Since this is my personal blog, I’m hoping to have some interesting pieces here about my favorites and such. Instead of counting down from 10-1 like most lists, I’d like to deviate from the norm and go 1-10 for my favorite characters.

It’s no secret that my favorite character in anime is Itsuki Koizumi from the Haruhi Suzumiya series. I’ve previously analyzed his character on Cartoon Leap and I’ll be remiss if I didn’t include part of what I mentioned.

The first attributes that I think about with Koizumi is sheer intelligence and ability to adapt to situations. Whether it’s finding out that he’s stuck in an never ending loop or about to fight a giant cave cricket, he’s always as cool as a cucumber. When Kyon and Mikuru start to panic and freak in weird situations, Koizumi will remain annoyingly calm and begin to think of a way to solve the solution.

I am a big fan of intelligent characters. While I understand that most people view them as simple plot devices and almost “Mary-sue”ish, a genuinely well-crafted intelligent character can be an incredible benefit to a story. Koizumi has the ability to think in a situation and choose a path based on his immediate conclusions as seen in Mysterique Sign. Even when doing so, he never steals the spotlight from Kyon except in one situation that hasn’t been animated yet (a door comes to mind for novel readers).

I’m one of the few people who believes that Koizumi is not in love with Kyon, but rather that he’s fallen for Haruhi instead. In Disappearance he’s mostly the same person when compared to the rest of the brigade, even paying for the food (much like he offers help to Kyon many times in the novel for financial assistance since Kyon pays for everything) and he blatantly states that he fancies Haruhi. I say that he’s only helping Kyon because he knows that he has no chance to be with Haruhi as she’s for Kyon instead and competition through the brigade members would only cause a breakdown of the brigade (as stated in Endless Eight). Haruhi even asks if he has plans with a girlfriend during plans for the Christmas Party and his only response was “How pleasant that would be if it were the case.”

I can’t help but feel somewhat remorseful for Koizumi with how his situation appears to be. Imagine being told about a girl that gives you immense powers you use daily to save the world from a possible destructive fate for three years. Additionally you also have a mind link to her emotional status and any kind person would want to ensure that she becomes and remains happy. It’s not a strain of logic to imagine that anyone would become infatuated for a romantic partner with that type of relationship.

Three years pass and then that girl finally becomes happy when you’re around her. The problem is that she’s happy because of another male present. Koizumi takes the moral high road and helps Kyon keep Haruhi happy while maintaining the safety of the planet as well. From what we’re shown, all of his “free time” is taken up by Organization activities and as such the only enjoyment he can take in life is the time he spends with the SOS Brigade.

I’ll be the first to admit that when I first watched Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu in 2007, my favorite character was Kyon due to being the male lead as well as very sarcastic. Over the two years that I spent away from anime, I changed a lot as a person and as such when I started to revisit the series in 2009 during Endless Eight I saw the series in a new perspective. Here was a character that would be a great male lead in any other show and yet people are dismissing him entirely except as a love interest of Kyon.

While I began to really like his character during the re-airing, it was reading the fan-translations of the novels that sparked me into a big fan of Koizumi. I won’t go into spoiler territory, but it was his actions in the mansion that made me realize “this person is truly devoted to the Brigade over everything” and that really signaled to me what an amazing character he is.  He never gets the main focal point in a story, yet he seems to always be involved in solving the problem. He’s important, yet not important.

To conclude: is Koizumi used mostly as a plot explainer, yes but he’s needed to be the best supporting character he can be. If he isn’t available, the world could possibly end since the male lead tends to be thick-headed at times. He’s given up his happiness to benefit others and the fanbase ignores him due to it. I can’t help but be a fan of a character like Koizumi.

Also that smirk he always has is awesome.