Why did my reviews get moved?

As some of you (or mainly most of you who read my reviews) know, I’ve been blogging at Cartoon Leap for the past year and a month. With Toonleap’s latest post containing details about a possible server overload, I figured it was the impetus that should get me to move to my own blog. I’ve had this reserved on WordPress.com for about the same length of time so I just had to move posts over. I hope to continue dual-posting some over at Cartoon Leap but this will serve as a main storage for any and all reviews.

All of my Blu-Ray and the DVD reviews for Nyan Koi and Toradora! have been moved to this site since yesterday. You can find them in the categories to your left for ease of searching. Of course I will be moving over some of my more philosophical posts as well as my Analyzing the SOS Brigade posts, but I’ve been wanting to re-visit those and ensure that the quality of said posts were up to my new standard as well as revise the SOS Brigade analysis to ensure that Shoushitsu is present.

I’ll be honest and admit that I am completely new to web design and layouts. If anyone has any suggestions or know how to edit CSS to allow me to use a spoiler or an image enlarger plugin, please e-mail me and help me improve this site for you.

For those of you who are stumbling in and aren’t familiar with my writings, I’ll simply say that I err on the more intellectual side of discussion compared to most. That is not to say I don’t have my fangasm moments (seeing Koizumi in the Kyounen uniform was one) but that I try to not post about anything that isn’t news/analysis. I’m also attempting to learn Japanese as I go along, so some translations will be present.

In the coming days I hope to write a few posts I’ve been saving about my favorites (shows, characters, couples, etc) and why I care for them in the way I do. As mentioned in the about page, I have a habit of not writing in a consistent schedule. As a scientist, I know that thoughts don’t always come on a timely manner so my posts tend to come in spurts. I’ll try my best to remain consistent, but if my posts are not up to the quality I demand of myself I will not post.

For those of you who I’ve met, it’s good to see you again. For those of you who are visiting for the first time, welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay.


3 thoughts on “Why did my reviews get moved?

  1. I’m glad you decided to start work on your own blog, as the posts you write are very different from other posts on CL, so posting there only probably makes it hard for you to attract a steady readership.

    I don’t know how to do spoiler tags unfortunately (the closest I can get is changing the text color to white so readers have to select it in order to see it). For the few times when I use really large images, I usually just make a smaller “thumbnail” and link that to the larger image. Don’t know about the plugin =(

    I also wanted to ask if you plan to use the “more” tag to condense your posts (like on my blog, where you have to click “Continue reading” in order to see the full posts). It’s just kinda overwhelming when all your full posts with all their images load on your main page.

    • I’m just learning how this works, so it’s going to be a work in progress. I just now see the “more” tag, so I’ll go through and edit the posts tomorrow (a bit too much for tonight) and ensure they are condensed. I agree that it’s likely too much for a browser to load at once so it’s not much of a hassle to ask for it.

      I’m not worried about images, those are easily kept in a thumbnail (examples would be in the Haruhi BD reviews) and aren’t much of a problem. I’m more concerned about the Analyzing the SOS Brigade posts where I talk about events that have not been animated yet being spoiled. It’s not so bad for all but Mikuru, which would be a shame since she hardly has anyone talking about her.

  2. Hello UM.
    Actually, you read my mind and I am glad you are posting your old stuff from Cartoon Leap to here. I am fighting against all odds and trying to save CL. Meanwhile, It was a wiser move to copy and paste your posts, “just in case”.

    I am doing all backups and downloading the site little by little while I am in talks with the tech support to see what can be done. Hopefully, nothing will change and I hope you can post sometime in CL once things go back to normal.

    After three years, it had to happened so lets see if the problem can be solved within a couple of days.

    It has been an honor to see your posts on CL.

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