A new certain scientific review

Now that the “shock” of the week is out, it’s time to review something I’ve been wanting to post about for a while. About two weeks ago I received my copy of the second volume of To Aru Kageku no Railgun, but I had a little bit of difficulty getting the following volume. Now that the issue has been settled it’s time to continue our journey into the life of Misaka Mikoto with Volume Ni!

Volume two features Kuroko and Uiharu on the cover with a gorgeous view of the city. I love the little details that J.C. Staff did in their scenery and it’s evident on the cover how much work they put into it.

This volume comes with the normal BD and CD (no special DVD this time), the 12 booklet, and the short story from Index.

This volume contains episodes 4-6 of the series: Urban Legends, A Certain Two’s Begining Training, and Everyone’s connected when it comes to these kind of things, you know.

Urban Legends sets up the beginning of the first major arc in Railgun hinting at future details by calling them urban legends. Unlike the manga, this episode also introduces the character of Kiyama Harumi in a very hilarious scene with Touma from Index. It also features the first true fight between Touma and Mikoto with another hilarious ending. An all around great episode.

Begining is a nice look into the Judgement relationship between Kuroko and Uiharu. We see both how they met and how they became a combination. We also learn that Kuroko’s weaknesses are being caught off guard and car doors (the second picture shows a combination of both) It’s a touching episode, but alas it’s not one of my favorites.

Everyone’s connected is a great Mikoto episode to finish this volume. Mikoto likes to play the role of the hero and she finally gets her wish to be active in Judgement. Unfortunately for her, it’s not what she imagined. It’s also the first time Mikoto meets the leader in Branch 177 – Konori-sempai. A good episode for Mikoto fans as she attempts learn not to look before she leaps. Don’t judge a person until you’ve walked in her boots Mikoto!

As for special features, this disc contains only a audio commentary by Arai Satomi and Toyosaki Aki (Kuroko and Uiharu’s seijuu) for episode 5.The additional CD adds another 2+ hours to the entertainment by having four radio segments with Toyosaki and Itou Kanae (Saten’s seijuu) talking about the show and various things.

All in all, it’s another good set (that rises considerably if you know Japanese) and well worth the money for any Railgun fans. The next set should be reviewed soon, and it starts ramping up the main arc for the first coup of episodes.

This entry originally appeared on Cartoon Leap and has been copied faithfully (minus image locations) from the original content.


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