A certain start to new Railgun arcs

When we last left the series To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, Saten-san had just recovered from the Level Upper incident and Misaka-san learned that not being super powered doesn’t mean you don’t have your own share of problems. That was the final episode in the first coup of the series and the final episode that took material from the manga (with the manga finishing the next arc just last issue) so JC Staff had to improvise for the next 12 episodes. Their first priority:

Yes, Volume 5 features the infamous fan service episodes and starts the minor characterization episodes. Included on this set is the standard BD, CD, 12 page booklet (with swimsuit character art), and another volume of Index SS. It is also housed in the special box for the final four volumes!

The set features the episodes I understand that bikinis make eyes wander, but one-pieces bring out curves so they match thin bodies better, Special Training Course, and Skill Out.

Yes, the infamous bikini modeling fan service episode starts this volume. Personally, fanservice (without decent plot) doesn’t interest me in the slightest, so no screencaptures of that. What is important is that it serves as a nice calm-down episode between the dramatic episodes from Volume 4 and the next episode. We do also get to see Misaka-san act like a child again, and that always warms the heart.

Special Training is the unofficial epilogue to the Level Upper incident when all the people who used it go to a special weekend course to try and learn how to increase their level by the “proper” way. This episode is solely about Saten-san and how she’s learning from her mistakes and trying to become a better person. It’s probably my favorite episode of the entire series due to how you see her growth from a horrible mistake and it sets the tone for her in the next coup.

Skill Out is the first of the episodes that focus on the background characters in Railgun, starting first with the senior member of Judgement Branch 177: Konori Mii-san. In this episode we’re introduced to a group of hoodlums who have been targetting higher level people and attacking them. It’s revealed that they have the technology to stop the control of esper superpowers, giving them the advantage. There is only one problem, a mysterious person comes back to help Kuroko and Misaka find the cause of this groups’ attack. But how does this relate to Konori?

Included on the set is audio commentary for episode 13 by Itou Kanae (Saten-san) and Kotobuki Minako (Kongou Misuko) and three textless features! The first is the textless ending for episode 14 since the song starts before the animation. Since the second opening and ending are on this set, they are included as well to round out the set.

Overall this set has both my favorite and least favorite Railgun episodes, so it’s a mixed bag. I’ve included many more screencaptures here from the episodes in full 1080 HD. I hate that we’re left with the cliffhanger ending on episode 15 right after we hear Kurozuma address Konori-senpai. Just more anticipation for the next volume!

Oh, and since this is another first press exclusive, there is an additional DVD added with it! More, Much more Railgun, A Certain Cooking Super Electromagnetic Bowl, A Certain Looking Back Discussion, and the Comic Market 77 preview for the show. While the first three features are wonderful, the final preview pales in comparison to the one put out on the first special disc. Still can’t beat that it came with the set for free though.

This entry originally appeared on Cartoon Leap and has been copied faithfully (minus image locations) from the original content.

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