A certain scientific review and preview

It’s time to delve into one of the most important sets of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun: Volume 3, where we are introduced to a lot of the philosophical background of the show.

Volume 3 has the usual extras: a bonus CD with four radio tracks, a 12 page informational booklet, and another short story from Index.

This volume contains episodes 7-9: Abilities and Strength, Level Upper, and Minority Report.

In Abilities and Strength, we get a continuation from episode 6 where the graviton cases are becoming more frequent and damaging. The real identity behind the cases as well as the motivation is revealed to be a lowly Level 2 who was constantly taunted and beaten up. The real question begins “How did he increase his power so quickly?”

In Level Upper, we get the true beginning of this arc of Railrun, or at least the point where the manga started the arc. The rumors were true: there is a device that increases someone’s abilities, like our bomber in the last two episodes. We get a great moe moment where Misaka-san tries to get the Level Upper from a group of hoodlums and then a decent fight scene with their boss versus Misaka-san. The episode finally ends with a revelation that the Level Upper users are all losing consciousness and going into a coma. After the credits, we see that Saten-san discovers Level Upper.

Finally, in Minority Report, Saten-san goes to tell everyone about the device, but stops when the consequences are revealed. She debates whether or not to use it, since everyone around her is super powered compared to her. She reveals how happy she was to be able to travel to Academy City and become an esper, but now that she knows she’s powerless, she feels useless around the rest of the main characters. After a great fight scene with Kuroko obtaining the Level Upper from another gang, Saten-san decides to tell her classmates that she has the Level Upper and how to use it. End on a cliffhanger, see you in another month.

In addition to all of those wonderful events going on, we find out that the AIM field mentioned before is something entitled “An Involuntary Movement” or basically controlling something without thinking about it. Each esper has this field that creates AIMs around him/her and thus controls the power.

We also find out that the basis behind the superpowers is the shift in reality around each esper. Each person has their own “Personal Reality” that they can manipulate due to their own power. This is something I plan to address later this week in my next post entitled “Reality is what you make of it.”

As for extras, this volume once again only has audio commentary by Aki Toyosaki (Uiharu’s seijuu) and Kanae Ito (Saten’s seijuu) for Level Upper and on the bonus radio CD.

Overall, I really love this set. The HD images are amazing as usual, and the episodes are some of my favorite in the series. It sets up nicely for a final set to be reviewed later this week as well. Since I take many more screen captures than I include in here, I’ve uploaded the excess to my photobucket account to save Toonleap some bandwidth.

See you guys later this week for another analysis post and the fourth Railgun Volume review!

This entry originally appeared on Cartoon Leap and has been copied faithfully (minus image locations) from the original content.


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