A certain new character gets added to Railgun

Since the manga for To Aru Kaguku no Railgun only has about 2 main arcs currently, JC Staff and Project Railgun had to create their own original arc to finish the 24 episodes of the anime adaption. The latest Blu-Ray Volume released in Japan begins this original arc, and what better way to start than by introducing a new character only seen in the anime (to-date)!

On the cover for Volume 7 we have Uiharu and her new roomate Erii Haruue sharing some cake.

Included with the set is the typical BD disc, the mp3 CD containing radio programs #25-28, the 12 page booklet, and the short story as usual. The booklet contains episode summaries and character art for Banri, Maika, Index, and Aisa in addition to concept art for the yukata and maid outfits.

This volume encompasses episodes 19-21: Midsummer Festival, Poltergeist, and Voice.

Midsummer Festival serves as the cliche “School Festival” episode that is common to pretty much every anime that takes place in a school. The school even forces the students to dress in maid costumes to attract otaku fans better serve the public in their visit to the school. It does allow for one more Touma cameo and a wonderful rendition of the second ED on a violin.

Poltergeist introduces the final main character as a low-level shy girl who is accompanied by trouble. The episode itself works well to introduce Erii and set up the relationships that will take us through the final 5 episodes. One memberable moment was when Uiharu was trying to become the sempai in her relationship with Erii and tie her yukata together, but had to rely on Saten to help her once again. It just shows that no matter how much some grow, you can still always need help. You don’t need powers to help others in Railgun.

Voice continues right where Poltergeist left off and continues the mystery of the Poltergeist incidents. One aspect that I really liked was how Kuroko was the one that really doubted Erii since she was the only person of the main four not to spend time with her in the prior episode. It’s found that Erii is not the cause of the poltergeist incidents that have been occuring, but something else entirely. She’s able to hear the main student from Kiyama-sensei’s class. Could this help find the missing children?

The only special feature on this disc is audio commentary performed by Aki Toyosaki (Uiharu) and Kana Hanazawa (Erii) for episode 20 (Poltergeist). There were no special endings this time. As usual, I’ve taken way more screencaps than I can use in this review, so go see the 1080p size images at my Photobucket account.

It’s another good set that leads us to the final volume. The review for that will be later than the release date due to a couple of reasons. Number 1, the Suzumiya Haruhi-chan & Nyoroon~Churuya-san Blu-Ray Box comes out on the same day and has a tad bit higher review priority. Number 2, I’ll be posting both the Volume 8 review and the second part of Railgun review on consecutive days and it’ll take just a little bit longer than usual to assemble them together.

I apologize that this is much later than I had wanted. If things slow down a tad, I’ll have a surprise review up later this week of a R1 release I got the same week as this volume.

This entry originally appeared on Cartoon Leap and has been copied faithfully (minus image locations) from the original content.

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