A certain extra charge

Back in June it was announced that To Aru Kagaku no Railgun would receive an Original Video Animation to be released in fall 2010. After falling in love with the show, it was a certainty that I would get this set. It’s a reminder that the girls of Railgun are waiting for another series to come.

The OVA comes on DVD or BD (BD of course was my selection), and the first pressing came with a special booklet and sleeve to match the rest of the set.

As you can see, the BD case is incredibly smaller than the normal BDs from the TV series not to mention the extra bonus DVD. It’d be nice if Geneon used some consistency with the case sizes, especially for the first print edition, but that’s nitpicking. The booklet is a small piece of paper with some nice stills of the episode organized by character. Nothing new like the TV booklets, but something nice regardless.

Since it was released last week, I’ll warn of slight spoilers for this review. With the opening of Kuroko having to “arrest” Mikoto for causing a disturbance, it feels like the girls never left. Mikoto tells everyone about her electrical annoyance and Saten immediately goes into her urban legends again. The plot proceeds in a logical fashion and has something for every type of Railgun fan.

While I’m not a fan of fanservice, I feel the scene was very apt for the plot. With Mikoto feeling like she’s being spied constantly, it’s only natural that she’d head to somewhere safe. Saten’s gesture of washing her back in order to protect her back is a wonderful bonding experience and reaffirms that even though she’s powerless, she’s powerful in lifting everyone up.

While the culprit is a logical person, the lack of foreshadowing is a slight downer. Granted the animators only had about 34 minutes to piece together a great story, it still feels incomplete somehow. It’s still a wonderful example of what Railgun can be.

The animation is very solid and the BD highlights how well JC Staff animated this. I’ll have to review some of the episodes to see if there’s any noticeable increase in quality because it feels smoother than usual. The audio is clear and sounds crisp. At times you can tell that Aki uses her “Yui” voice for Uiharu’s high pitches, which I never noticed before.

For special features, this set has audio commentary by the main four seijuu (entry numbers ni, san, and four!) throughout the episode as well as textless opening and ending animation.

I ordered this set from HMV to ensure that I would get the first press edition since Amazon doesn’t list the special bonuses and they surprised me with the normal store bonuses from Japan: another B2 size poster!

Overall, it’s another wonderful set of Railgun and makes me miss the show even more with Index currently airing. I’m looking forward to seeing the next novel animated since it’s where Railgun’s manga was adapted from. It’s only going to be a couple of episodes, but I’ll take all the Railgun I can get. Sales look strong for this set and it’s very likely Railgun II will be coming soon.

As always I take more screencaptures than I can use, so I’ve uploaded the rest in their native resolution in my Photobucket album.

This entry originally appeared on Cartoon Leap and has been copied faithfully (minus image locations) from the original content.

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