A certain climatic finish to Railgun

Yesterday, the final volume of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun was released in Japan to complete the first season of the anime adaptation. This set contains the final three episodes and finishes the series…. until the OVA is released in two months.

As usual, this volume contains one Blu-Ray disc, one CD with four mp3 tracks containing the final four episodes of To Aru Radio no Railgun, a 12-page explanation booklet, and a short story.

As said before, this set contains episodes 22-24: the final three episodes. They are Level 6 (The one who Arrives at the Meaning of God while in the Body of a Mortal), Right now, what do you see?, and Dear my Friends. It wouldn’t be off to say that these can easily be classified as “backstory, build-up, and climax” in that order for this arc.

Level 6 gives us the backstory on Kihara Gensei, the famous researcher who was developing a drug in order to increase ones level to Level 6. The experiment that Kiyama Harumi (remember her from the Level Upper incident?) gave her children to do. This episode really gives a bad name to scientists around the world. The type of experiment that Kihara used would never be given the light of day in a real-life laboratory, but it works very well to set him up as the “main evil villian” role. We also get to see that Kiyama’s finally found her students, only to have them taken away by Telestina and Misaka.

Right now serves as the build up to the finale as it’s finally revealed that Telestina is this arc’s villian. She kidnaps Erii and takes her as well as Kiyama’s students to an unknown facility. The scenes where Misaka acknowledges that she can’t do this alone and where Saten convinces Yomikawa-sensei to gather the Anti-skills to help them are two of my favorite in the series. Emotions are running high, but they’ve got to hold it together. It’s also the absolute best use of Real Force‘s ED to show the gathering of the groups for the final episode.

Finally, Dear my Friends continues the lesson of teamwork built-upon from the prior episode. It’s only as everyone works together that they are able to defeat Telestina. Of course Saten’s destructive ability with the bat was not foreseen ahead of time when I first watched this episode, but just showed that even a Level 0 has purpose. The series ends with a touching reunion of Kiyama and her students and ends the way it started. “Academy City. It’s a place where something’s always going on.”

The home release version of the final episode, just like the first episode adds in the OP in order to allow the scenes to be viewed without the text from the opening credits that were present in the television version. The set also includes audio commentary by all four main seijuu for the final episode and textless endings from the three episodes.

Once again, a fitting finale for Railgun and one that works well to tie the first arc with the ending. I’ll offer my thoughts on the second part of Railgun in my final review, which I hope to have up in a couple of days. As usual, I’ve taken way too many screencaptures (and since this is a finale volume, it ended up being double the usual amount) to include in this review, so if you would like to see the 1080p version of the shots, please go to my Photobucket Account.

This entry originally appeared on Cartoon Leap and has been copied faithfully (minus image locations) from the original content.

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