Tamako Love Story JP BD review

The television anime series Tamako Market aired from January until March 2013. Though it was a pleasantly charming series, the director of the show, Naoko Yamada, felt she wasn’t done with the franchise once the final episode was finished. One of the interesting points of the TV show was that it focused around the main character, Tamako Kitashirakawa, but it never focused on her as a character; rather it detailed about the shopping market as a whole instead. Director Yamada wanted to delve into Tamako herself, and given that the theme of the franchise is “love”, what better medium than an adolescent love story? Thus, Tamako Love Story was brought to life. The film opened on April 26, 2014 and was released on video disc October 10, 2014 (mochi day and Mochizo Ooji’s birthday). This is a review for the Japanese Blu-ray release of the film. My thoughts on the film itself can be found elsewhere.

Front cover

Front cover

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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya First Series BD-Box review

In 2005, Kadokawa Shoten greenlit an anime adaptation of an increasingly popular novel series that was thought to be nearly unadaptable. While the series was critically acclaimed, there were issues adapting a series that had many short stories and basically had the climax of the series in the first novel. Planners Wada and Udagawa were able to convince Yoko Hatta to sign on and adapt the set of novels into a TV show, inking director Tatsuya Ishihara and series director Yutaka Yamamoto to lead the production with the author Nagaru Tanigawa providing assistance. Tanigawa proposed from the start to adapt it in achronological order, which was combined with Ishihara’s desire to finish with the final portion of Melancholy. Yamamoto made the decision to lead with a student-made film and the hit was born on April 2, 2006 when The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina: Episode 00 started the first series of the Haruhi Suzumiya anime.

2013 was the anniversary marking the tenth year the Haruhi Suzumiya novel series first went into print. Likely, Kadokawa wanted to release two items during that year: a pachinko collaboration with Sankyo that had been in the works since 2009 at minimum, and a re-release of the 14 episodes that aired in 2006 as they were broadcast (which had never been released before in Japan). Due to circumstances that weren’t made public, both of these were pushed back to 2014 and on August 29, 2014, Kadokawa finally gave the 629 Japanese fans what they had been waiting for.

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Tamako Love Story: Yamada Excite Interview

Tamako Kitashirakawa: the daughter of the “Tamaya” mochi shopkeeper.
Mochizou Ooji: the son of the “Ricecake Oh! Zee” mochi shopkeeper.
The movie Tamako Love Story depicts the love between these two teenagers who grew up across from each other in the overly warm Bunny Mountain Shopping District.

The film, a sequel to the TV series Tamako Market which aired from January to March 2013, has had a long run in theatres due to the support of both Tamako fans and anime fans. Even over a month following its opening weekend, the film is still increasing the amount of theatres its screening at.

Thus we’ve come to interview the director of the film, Naoko Yamada, in order to thoroughly investigate Kyoto Animation’s newest masterpiece from when it was first planned until the ending.

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Tamako Love Story: Yamada TAN Interview

In order to hype the upcoming release of Tamako Love Story on Blu-ray/DVD this week in Japan, I’ve taken the liberty to translate a couple of interviews with the director, Naoko Yamada. Here’s the first of them!

Tamako Kitashirakawa is the daughter of a mochi shopkeeper in the Bunny Mountain Shopping District. Tamako Market, the TV series which aired in 2013, begins when Tamako meets a talking bird from a southern island. The heartful comedy depicts people’s connections and love between Tamako’s friends as well as the shopkeepers in the shopping district. Coupled with the thorough work Kyoto Animation is known for with a warm story, the series was valued quite highly.

And so the sequel work, Tamako Love Story opened on April 26th. The orthodox adolescent love story is a new tale that shows a slightly different mood than the TV series. In order to find the highlights of the film as well as discuss production secrets, we went to speak with the director, Naoko Yamada.

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Toradora! Tatsuyuki Nagai x Mari Okada Roundtable Translation

Toradora! Special Roundtable

Director Tatsuyuki Nagai X Series Composer Mari Okada

In this feature, we’ve asked these two main staff members stories related to production, thoughts about the show now that production has finished, and stories that haven’t been told before.  It’s a must read for Toradora! fans!

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Tamako Love Story Special: Director Yamada Interview translated

The Tamako Love Story official website posted the first part of an interview with the director of the film, Naoko Yamada, on 2014/03/07. This is a translation of that part. I’ll add the second part to this post whenever it is posted on the website. Thanks to violaxcore for editing assistance.

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